Battle of the Boards: Dessert Charcuterie Contest
Rules & Information


A Dessert Charcuterie Board is a sweet twist on a traditional charcuterie board 
with an artful arrangement of individual desserts.

Registration & Entry Fees:

The registration deadline for all of the virtual competitions is EXTENDED to Wednesday, April 7, 2021. All entries must be registered in advance. No late entries will be allowed. 

Please note when registering: All virtual entries must be uploaded to Google Drive by 11:59 pm on April 8, 2021. The link to your Google Drive folder will be sent when your registration is confirmed. 

To register for this year's competitions, please click hereInformation about entry fees can be found here.

Skill Level:

The Battle of the Boards: Dessert Charcuterie Contest is open to Baking & Pastry Art Students and Industry Professionals. All competitors must either represent a licensed food service facility (bakeries, cafes, grocery-stores, restaurants) or be a college student currently enrolled in a Baking & Pastry Arts program.


  • Each entry must include a minimum of one dozen (12) dessert items but no more than 3 dozen (36) dessert items total that contribute to a single cohesive "theme" as part of the dessert arrangement. 

  • Entry must include a variety of individual desserts produced by the competitor. A minimum of three unique desserts should be included. Dessert Charcuterie Boards can include more than one of any dessert - i.e. three chocolate chip cookies would equal three dessert items. 

  • “Fillers” on the board are considered nuts, fruit, popcorn, and/or candy. All "fillers" included must be made by the competitor. "Fillers" that are smaller pieces count as one dessert item per two oz.

  • The Dessert Charcuterie Board will be judged based on appearance only however, all ingredients and decorations used must be edible.

  • Dessert Charcuterie Boards must not infringe the copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other intellectual property rights of any person or entity. Dessert Charcuterie Boards that violate this requirement will be disqualified from the competition.

  • Judging to be held virtually in April.

Virtual Entry Requirements:

  • All registered competitors will receive a link to upload photos.

  • No pictures or videos of entries may be shared on social media prior to voting for People's Choice is announced.

  • Photos must include 4-6 pictures of the baking, decorating, and arrangement process along with pictures of the finished dessert charcuterie board including: a picture of each unique dessert, a picture of the full arrangement, and 3-4 Close-ups of details.

  • Please use a neutral background when taking photos of the finished board.

  • Props such as a platter or stand are allowed but will not be factored into judging.

  • Business cards, bakery logos, or watermarks are not allowed on the entry submissions.

  • All entries must be uploaded to Google Drive by 11:59 pm on April 8, 2021. Any entries uploaded after this will not be judged.

  • Please include a short description of each entry.

  • All work will be done in a professional manner.

Judging & Awards:

  • Judging for the Battle of the Boards: Dessert Charcuterie Contest will be held virtually by a team of qualified judges selected by the Wisconsin Bakers Association.

  • The judges will complete a comment sheet for each entry; copies of those sheets will be sent to each entrant within 10 days following the completion of judging via your pre-registered e-mail address.

  • Entries in each skills division are judged separately.

  • All judges’ decisions are final.

  • Winners will be announced on WBA’s social media pages and website beginning April 15, 2021.

  • All entries will be judged professionally.

  • Awards will be given on a points-based system.

  • The highest scoring cake overall in the competition will receive Best of Show.

  • Additional awards may include Honorable Mention, Bronze, Silver, & Gold Medals.

  • People’s Choice will begin once professional judging is completed.


The Battle of the Boards: Dessert Charcuterie Contest is presented by the Wisconsin Bakers Association (WBA). By entering the competition, the contestant fully releases all rights to photos, publication and other sources of media for all work produced exclusively for, during and in the complete time frame of the event. Contestant is subject to all registration fees, applicable taxes, and all other related expenses on behalf of him/her entering the above competition. Contestant agrees to abide by all rules set forth by the WBA for this competition. Contestant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the WBA and all sponsors from and against all claims, demands, costs, loss, damage, expense, attorney’s fees and liabilities growing out of, or arising from, caused or occasioned by his/her activities in the competition. Competition entry fees are non-refundable. All judges’ decisions are final.

Do you have any questions about the Battle of the Boards: Dessert Charcuterie Contest?

Contact us by email at or call (414) 258-5552 for more information!


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